Cheltenham and District Dog Training Club

Competitive Obedience - Crufts

While initially our aim is to help owners train their dogs in good behaviour, we are primarily a competitive obedience club. Competitive Obedience is an absorbing and rewarding hobby, combining a magnificent relationship between dog and handler with enthusiasm, accuracy and style. More detailed information about the sport is available on this website.

We encourage members to get involved in Competitive Obedience and support the wider sport by:

  • holding an annual Kennel Club Open Obedience Show in August.
  • inviting top obedience trainers to give annual training weekends. Past guest trainers have included Michelle Newman and Kathy Ingham.
  • holding annual trophy tests for members to try their hand at competitive obedience in an informal club environment.
  • taking part in the South West Obedience League (SWOL), competitors represent their club in this team event.

Many of our members have had success on the green carpet at Crufts:


The Crufts Obedience Championships are the highlight of the UK obedience year, with the best dogs and handlers in the country compete for the title of Crufts Obedience Champion.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016, Jane Bint with Working Sheepdog Danni held their own in this most prestigious event.

In 2011, Sue Luce with German Shepherd Archie shone on the green carpet.

Jane and Danni work the green carpet at Crufts 2015


Kenzie completing the retrieve exercise in the Inter-Regional event at Crufts 2013

The Inter-Regional Event at Crufts sees teams representing various areas of the UK compete against one another. Cheltenham falls within the South West team, and we have had many members represent the South West in this competition.

In 2013, Emma Hagan and Kenzie were chosen for the team.

Maria Carter and her Corgis have been chosen many times for the Western Team.

Special PreBeginners Obedience Stakes

The Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme Special PreBeginners Stakes is a competition designed to encourage those dogs who have achieved their Bronze Award into competitive obedience.

The semi-final is held at Discover Dogs with the grand final at Crufts. The test consists of Bronze Award exercises with some PreBeginner level obedience exercises.

In 2016, Kathy Williams and Beauceron Ruby competed in the final at Crufts, completing a lovely round.

In 2015, Babs Sharp with Malinois Jazz, won the grand final at Crufts. Read the Kennel Club press release and watch their winning round.

In 2013, Sara Vincent with Labrador Harvey competed in the grand final. Babs Sharp with crossbreed Dash also competed in the semi-final.

Babs and Jazz with Judge Michael McCartney at Crufts 2015


The winning Corgi Obreedience team at Crufts 2014

Obreedience was introduced at Crufts in 2014 to showcase unconventional breeds competing in obedience.

The inaugural event was won by the Corgis, Captained by our Club President Maria Carter with Club trainer Jan West also in the team.

In 2015, Maria was invited by the Kennel Club to judge the Obreedience Final.

Young Kennel Club

The Young Kennel Club is a national club for anyone between the ages of 6 and 24. YKC competitions are restricted to YKC members, with the finals held at Crufts.

In 2013, Babs Sharp competed in the finals with her crossbreeds Sammy and Dash, with Dash finishing 4th in his event.

Babs and Dash finishing fourth in YKC Starters at Crufts 2013