Cheltenham and District Dog Training Club


Several of our long standing members make up our core training team.

The Team

Emma Galbraith

Emma has had a lovely succession of willing crossbred rescue dogs, the most successful of which was Kenzie, a Weimeraner/Labrador cross. Kenzie won out of Novice early in his second season of competition and gained many rosettes in A and B. Now she has Riley, a very large mixed breed of Rottie and German Shepherd, and has recently added Border Collie Quin to her family. She has already done well with Riley and Quin. Riley has won himself out of Novice and Quin has also started well this year with several good places.

Emma has now taken on the post of show manager and a very good job she made of her first time in 2016. Also she is now the team captain of the South Western League team.

Julie Harding

Julie has been a member since 2002, first she came with her daughter, Harriet, who joined to train her delightful but rather naughty little dog called Sadie. Julie now has a tribe of black and white Border Collies: Cassie, Becks, Izzy and Phoebe. Cassie is now resting as she is reached retirement. She has been a consistently successful dog for Julie. She has had a habit of winning every obedience class she is entered in even though Julie’s first competitive activity has been Agility. Julie runs a successful dog day care business, K9-Minder.

Sandra Hill

Sandra has worked German Shepherds in Trials and Obedience for many years. Qualifying her dogs in the highest stakes and classes. Several years being picked to represent the Midlands in the Crufts Inter-Regional Competition. She has also experience of working small dogs, Vicky, her little crossbred, and Toby, her Papillon, and going almost to the top with them too. Her latest dog,Rowan, has had a very good year in 2016. With several wins to his credit he is now working the two top obedience classes only and is adding working trials to his CV. She has instructed for many years in private training classes and courses.

Janet Martineau

Janet worked with dogs in five different breed kennels and one large commercial boarding kennel before running her own clipping and grooming business for thirty years. She has been a member since 1956 when the club started. Janet has trained and competed for many years - mainly with Beardies, and has worked a Beardie and a Border Collie to Championship C level. She has also competed in Working Trials with a German Shepherd and a Border Terrier. Janet has been Obedience Correspondent for Our Dogs since the early 70's until 2013 and has instructed at club since 1968.

Vicky Norton

Vicky has been a member of the club since September 2007. Lola, her tricolour collie, has somewhat an inventive character and has not been entirely straightforward to train but she is now 'growing up' and Vicky won out of Beginners in 2015 and has been an extremely valuable member of the club team in the league matches and the Ten Teams Rally. She took on the post of Club secretary in 2010 and instructs the puppy classes. Her latest acquisition is Rico, a working sheepdog with a lot of potential.

Babs Sharp

Babs has been a member of the club since 2010. She is owned by three rescue dogs: Lurchers Sammy and Dash and Malinois Jazz. Babs supports the instructors with larger classes - usually class 1 or 2.

Claire Stewart

Claire has had a Dobermann cross called Bosch, a Labrador cross called Sapphire and a Border Collie called Carney. With Carney she has had some lovely successes and gained much knowledge about competitive dog training. She has been a member since 2001, has a BSc (Hons) in Canine Behaviour and Training and runs a successful business, Animal Magic Gloucester. Claire has recently stepped down from instructing at Club having been one of our busiest members. She has given her time to the club in instructing and committee work, being captain of the South Western Obedience League Team for some years, and latterly chairman of that as well as all her other canine interests. Now she has a much longed for new puppy which she hopes to show in breed classes as well as training her for obedience, and she should now have a bit more time for her own activities with Thistle while remaining on our committee. We wish her well in her new found activity.

Jan West

Jan has been a member of the club since 1961, remaining loyal to her Pembroke Corgis. She competes on a regular basis with consistent successes throughout the year. She has been instructing for many years at all levels and is a member of the Academy of Dog Training Instructors, where she has achieved her Bronze, Silver and Gold level Award.

Behind the scenes

In addition to our valuable trainers, the club would be lost without:

Maria Carter

Maria has been training Pembroke Corgis at the club for many years, and is our president. She is always there at club to introduce the new members to their classes and to give them an explanatory chat before they join in. She continues to be successful with her Corgis and has had the distinction of being chosen to judge the Obreedience competition at Crufts 2015. Her Corgis are movie stars – appearing in ‘The Kings Speech’ as well as other productions.

Sally, Sheila and Ann.

Our dream team behind the scenes! The club would not be able to function without these three remarkable ladies. Their smiling faces will greet you each week at the check-in desk and they ensure the hall is ready for classes to start on a Wednesday evening and tidy it up long after most of us have left.