Cheltenham and District Dog Training Club

Other Activities

At Cheltenham and District Dog Training Club we all love training and spending time with our dogs. We therefore all end up doing a variety of activities! Basic obedience training is a fundamental foundation needed to partake and compete in any dog sport. These activities are not taught during club nights, but we are always happy to offer help and advice where we can.


Agility is an obstacle course for dogs, with handlers guiding the dog round the correct path. The club has two trophies on offer annually for success in Kennel Club and UK Agility competitions.

In 2010, Harriet Harding won the Young Kennel Club Crufts Agility Dog of the Year with her collie cross, Sadie.


Flyball is a fast and furious relay race for dogs! Dogs race in teams of four, each dog must complete a series of four hurdles, collect a ball and return down the four hurdles.

Breed Showing

Breed showing sees dogs judged on the Kennel Club breed standard for conformation and characteristics. The club offers an annual trophy for the most success at breed shows throughout the year.

Our members have consistently qualified and show at Crufts throughout the years, including Corgis, Border Collies and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.

Working Trials

Working Trials a sport that has developed from the work done by dogs in the forces. There are five levels to achieve which will give the dog titles and letters after its name. The dog qualifies by achieving 80% in each discipline and the ultimate is to be able to put Working Trials champion before your dog's name.

The club offers an annual trophy for the most success at Working Trials competitions.