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Competitive Obedience - Open Show


Every year we hold a Kennel Club Competitive Obedience Open Show. Below are the Show Managers reports.


Well that's another year over and this year was certainly not without dramas, our great British weather played a part. It was touch and go for car parking on the field due to Friday's rain.

A huge thanks goes to Babs and Graham for helping me to erect the rings, I couldn't have done it without you and being non club members I thank you both. Also to Roy, Kate & Chris, again non members, who came and helped to take down what we put up the previous day.

A huge thanks to all the judges and stewards for agreeing to Judge at our show, especially to Teresa Patterson that had an early morning plea to step in and judge when one of our judges broke down on route. Sadly the charity class was cancelled due to the judge falling ill, we wish you a speedy recovery.

A big thank you to Veronica for working throughout the morning to make sure all the judges, stewards and helpers were feed and watered. Thanks also go to Carl Thorne who stepped in as chief stay steward due to Sandra not feeling on top form, and to those who helped throughout the day in the stay ring.

This year we were kindly sponsored by Vetspec and Petneeds, many thanks to you both.

Thanks also to Rob Bint and Dee Steadman who worked the training ring without much of a break throughout the day to raise a fantastic £120.00 for our nominated charities which this year were Cheltenham

Animal shelter and the Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue. This was pushed up to £300.00 with the help of the Tombola manned by Ann and many helpers. Many thanks to all that supported both.

I can understand how other clubs suffer if you don't have support from the members and committee it's hard going and puts pressure on the ones that do want the show to work and be a success. Lets face it we only do it so our competitors have an enjoyable day and this gets repaid when their clubs hold shows. So many thanks to all of competitors, judges, helpers and supporters of this fab sport that make it possible to run this and other shows.

Emma Galbraith, Show Manager


Well that’s it for another year .Many thanks to all the Judges, Stewards , club members and non members who gave up their day to make the show possible. Fortunately the weather was very kind to us this year which always makes for a good day. Pet Needs were again in attendance and kindly donated the trophies to the winners who also received a goodie bag from our sponsor this year Platinum UK dog food.

This year we had a few changes as we were able to use the school rooms so instead of going over to the pub for lunch we decided to try and do the catering ourselves I say ourselves again a massive thanks to Veronica who not only catered for all the judges etc but also managed to work her dog in two classes and get placed in both. So to the people who can’t take five minutes out of their day to help whether it’s in the stay ring or on a scoreboard try working a dog and catering for 70!!!

After last year’s successful Special class ring we decided to have one again this year and again it was very well supported with Claire Vicky and Glenis working non stop throughout the day and receiving rave reviews. I believe the final total raised was £140.10. Many thanks ladies I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as everyone that came in to your ring.

Many thanks again to Rob Bint who again manned the training ring every time I looked over the queues were there. Which reflected in the £110.60 that used raised through the day fantastic.

The tombola is always a crowd puller and always manages to raise money this year the total was £197.90. Thanks to Ann and Maria for running it.

In total we managed to raise £498.60. Which always goes to local animal shelters. So thank you also to the catering bus who kindly donated £50.00 so to anyone who bought a ticket had some training , bought a coffee or took on temptation alley a huge thank you.

Congratulations to all our winners and runners up we hope everyone who attended had a fabulous day and a productive day with your dog.

We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Emma Galbraith, Show Manager


Well that's it another year, preparation starts again now for next year's show with Judges to find and services to be arranged.

It was my first year as show manager and I have to say if Janet Martineau had not left such a well oiled system in place my job would have been 10 times harder. Janet, for this I can't thank you enough. You were there to oversee everything and you just got on with the jobs we take for granted.

This show was Babs Sharp's first as Show Secretary and she managed to pull this off with ease, anyone would of thought Babs was an old hand at it!

This year we also celebrated the club's 60th Anniversary. All our competitors received a bag with our club logo and judging by the feedback this was a welcome gift.

Due to it being a special year we also decided to put on a charity fun class. This was spearheaded by one of our members, Kate Claxton, who also stewarded the class and Jane Bint judged. Their enthusiasm shone through! Entries were limited to 50 and this filled up so quickly we had to turn people away. Another person I must single out is Rob Bint who spent all day non-stop in the training ring. The popularity of the two rings speaks volumes!

We must say a huge thank you to all the ticket handlers who agreed to judge for us (unfortunately sometimes in the rain!) and making our 60th year just that little bit more special.

When these shows are put on there is always a long list of helpers, from helping to set up the rings to packing up and all the jobs in-between. I am very honoured to be part of the Cheltenham Club as all our members are always willing to do these jobs with a smile to make sure we have a fantastic show we can all be proud of. A very big thank you to you all.

Emma Hagan, Show Manager


Our long standing members receiving gifts for all their passion and committment to the club over the years



Janet setting up the show in 2015

I want to say thank you on behalf of Cheltenham DDTC for the lovely comments regarding the show. We all do our best to get things right.

Mentioning names is not a good thing to start on as it can end up with Uncle Tom Cobley and all. So just for now I limit myself to one. This post is principally to say that the mainstay of the show for the last ???? years has been Sue Luce. She is stepping down now from being entries secretary and printer. We shall miss her assiduous (synonyms for assiduous being - meticulous, conscientious, rigorous,) work for the show. Her knowledge of Obedience, her attention to detail, the time she has spent, I could go on but let's just say a tremendous thank you to Sue for helping to make things run as they have in the work she has done for the club. She will now have more time for her dogs and I'm sure they will be delighted.

Just now I will say that had any helpers not helped they have would have been missed and would have spoiled the event for as the saying goes - "For the want of a nail the battle was lost!"

And weren't we lucky with the weather. It so puts a good colour on everything. 2015 may have been my last as show manager but I've no doubt it will continue to be a popular and well run show. Next year will be the 60th anniversary of the club and I am proud to say that I have been a member from the very first evening - 11th November,1956!!! I hope to make it for a few more years yet - not easy to get rid of me.

Janet Martineau, Show Manager


The show went off swimmingly again. The venue looked superb, the ground was simply beautiful for the dogs to work on, and the staff at the sports centre were really

helpful. The groundsman, Stu, marked out lines to which to set out the rings and the manager, Paul, put up with a very good grace the fact that our catering van blew the

electric system in the school a few times!! The show went off swimmingly again. The venue looked superb, the ground was simply beautiful for the dogs to work on, and the staff at the sports centre were really helpful. The groundsman, Stu, marked out lines to which to set out the rings and the manager, Paul, put up with a very good grace the fact that our catering van blew the electric system in the school a few times!!

We had been a bit apprehensive about entries with the various changes of date of other shows around that time but the final total was very similar to usual. The novices and A's and the B dog class had to be split, but the Beginner Bitch class was very low. It seems that we had quite a number of competitors' entries coming to our show for the first time, while several of our regulars chose to do just the two Worcester shows and to miss us out, feeling that three shows on the same weekend were too much for either themselves or their dogs.

Now we hear that Cambridge Championship Show has changed their date for 2015 so we look to be one of very few shows on our usual date. This we feel may again

cause some unknowns in class numbers but as it was this year we shan't know the effect until entries are in. We have however decided to have a mixed dog and bitch Beginner Class in 2015 as an entry of 12 is not a viable one.

Janet Martineau, Show Manager


I went to see the venue about three weeks before the show. It was looking better than ever and with no goal posts up I got the impressions that there would be no restrictions at all. And so it turned out. We organised the parking to be as last year at the far end of the rings with the campers in two rows as usual along the side of the

rings. All went well, helpers were splendid in their volunteering. Sandra never ran out of stewards in the stay ring, there were more folk available than usual to set up and pull down.

Friday is setting up day and by far the hardest work. But the noble band of helpers turned up and though it took till 4.30 before it was done there were no hitches and all was ready.

On the Saturday off we went. The judges all arrived and everything got under weigh promptly. Nearly all the competitors were cheerful and tidy and for that thanks must go to them all for without them where would we be. To the one man who queried why he should pick up after his dog - he was lucky - I never found him!!

We did pick up six or so left droppings on our clearing walk over the morning after the show, but when you think of the number of dogs that were there that is not a bad score! Plus as usual a lot of litter that was nothing to do with us. It is good venue and it is worth a bit of effort to keep it.

Once more thank you to everyone who helped the show run so smoothly. From the advertising, the entry taking, the secretarial work, the scent cloths, the prize cards, the

rosettes, the catering, the - - - - well I could go on and on. I think we can say that we know how to run a show and the many compliments we had help to make it all worth while. Good Job!

Janet Martineau, Show Manager


2012 was a year with a few changes. The venue had a long long track of reseeded and turfed ground so our marquee etc had to be aproached via a 'bridge' of boards, and brought forward. The car parking was basically at the other end of the field and maybe it was an improvement. I think on the whole having everyone except judges and officials coming in at the far end made for less traffic and congestion at the business end of things. We might do it again next year.

After the usual happenings such as a stewards not being able to come and a bit of clever juggling by Sue and Emma over who was doing what and who was eating when, everything ran realy well.

The club puts on a good show and this is down to the marvellous amount of help and hard work that is performed by all those who get involved. We had a lot of compliments this year and folk were glad to have a show on such a good surface after the hayfields and swamps that we have had to work on this year.

The weather got its own back on us in the afternoon and I have never ended up so wet but all went well, the classes finished and th show was all packed up and ready to put away by 5.30pm.

So - Tents are dry now and packed up, all the gear is back where it sits until next year. My back is recovering. And how many judges am I looking for for next year - - - - - - - - - - ? only one to find and then I relax about it all.

Once more the club says thank you to all who helped in any way. You all know what you did and you did it well. That's what makes for a good show.

Janet Martineau, Show Manager


The show went ahead really very smoothly this year. Again I had a nasty moment or three when we were threatened with having to do all the car parking on hard-standing but the thunder storm which let loose during the night before the show passed over quite quickly and the ground was firm enough. I had a few memory lapses and had to make a dash to Shurdington at 5.30am to get the first aid box etc. But apart from that there were countless offers of help and very solid help too from members new and old, competitors and friends and relations.

We have settled in nicely to the venue at Tewkesbury Sports Centre. All the usual jobs were performed reliably and the club show owes a great debt of gratitude to those who deal annually with the entries, the judges correspondence, the refreshments, the lunches, the stands and stalls, the practice ring, the running and stewarding in the stay ring, the organising of the camping and caravans and car parking, and of course the judging and stewarding in the rings. We shan't know how the finances went for a little while and with the entry being down by about a hundred the results of the ins and outs will be pretty close. More on that when the figures are in.

Janet Martineau, Show Manager


With a few extra worries about the ground because of the constant rain in the weeks before the show we have succeeded in running this event again with many plaudits from both judges and competitors. Thanks to the support from countless members and non-members I had no trouble at all in finding the necessary stewards and

officials. A list of names could be compiled but I would surely miss someone. Every job, large or small, was executed with fantastic efficiency. The club owes a large debt of gratitude to the secretarial side of things, the treasury department, the ring erectors and dismantlers, the tentmen, the car parkers, the caravan wardens, the table stewards, the stay stewards, the callers, the - - - you name them, they did it - thank you to them all. I felt it was one of our best - even my 'deliberate' mistake in positioning the third row of rings was not too much of a disaster.

We had to put the day parking on hard standing to save the ground and everyone was most tolerant and happy about this despite the fact that there was fair bit of walking to do to the rings for some, but tents were brought on and set up along the top edge of the field which was better than nothing - one good thing has come out of it in that we know we can manage to run the show with similar ground problems another year. A slight glitch occurred when the overflow from the back car park started to flood in and we temporarily lost control and had to spend ten minutes backing up cars and juggling to get them sorted but all was straightened out eventually.

We collected £260 from the tombola and the practice ring which will go to our charity, the Cinnamon Trust, a record amount yet again.

We collected £260 from the tombola and the practice ring which will go to our charity, the Cinnamon Trust, a record amount yet again.

Janet Martineau, Show Manager


Altogether one of our best. A tremendous amount of help was forthcoming from our members, our committee and volunteers to stay steward on the day.

To name everyone would be impossible but one or two must be mentioned. Sue with the printing and entry taking, Sally and Sheila with 101 tasks connected with the judges and admin and refreshments and so on, Emma and Anne with the tombola, Melvin with his muscles and assistance with the ring erection, Jan for all her work as treasurer, Terry for the parking and camping planning, Sandra and the stays.

Trevor ran the practice ring and this was much appreciated. With the monies for this and from the tombola we took just under £400 for our charity, The Cinnamon Trust.

Melvin and his nephew Scott and I measured out and finished putting up the rings in two hours on the Friday, record time - and I knew from then on it was going to be a good show. The weather was the best we have had for years and for once I almost got the timing right for the collection of the marquee etc. After I had left the ground I had one desperate phone call from Maria to say that the scouts had not arrived to put the gear back and it was 8.40pm by which time I had had my supper and was collapsed in an arm chair, but ten minutes later they had arrived so she was able to lock up etc. And there you have it for another year.

A very good day - thanks to all who put in and helped.

Janet Martineau, Show Manager


Well, it has come and gone again. A fantastic entry, some marvellous helpers, judges, stewards and chiefs and indians!! And the weather was brilliant. How lucky were we? Friday setting up started with me wanting to stay in bed, the rain was tipping down and the gate was locked and I could easily have turned round and gone home again, but an hour later and we were dry, and the day cleared and we had a superb time setting up and the day went really well.

Saturday - the day of the show and once more anyone who had prayed for the weather to assist us had done a good job - it couldn't have been better.

We had 17 working rings this year. The practice ring was much appreciated and was run by two volunteers in Jean and Trevor - this totted up to a little over £50 and the Tombola organised by Ann Parker, Emma Hagan and Di James made £246. This is a record for both these features and will be sent to our charity in due course.

Cheltenham & District Dog Training Club has been holding Open Obedience shows since 1958. When it was in its infancy the show comprised of just 5 rings. I think we can be justifiably proud of the way in which we run the show. We had many compliments. These have to be put down to the sum of all our helpers. Chief of which have to be Sue Luce who did all the entry taking and printing, Sally Measham with the judges' correspondence and much more besides, and Sandra Hill our chief stay steward who

kept that side of things running like clockwork. The hours involved have to be experienced to be believed. The list of names would be endless so just let me thank everyone who did their part. Without each one the show could not have run so well.

Janet Martineau, Show Manager


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