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Good Citizens Results

Recent Tests - 28April 2019

Held on Sunday 28th April at Far End, Twyning. Excellent Weather.  Thank you to both our examiners, Marcia Manning Smith and Paula Smith.  They did a super job of explaining everything and were very encouraging and friendly to everyone and their dogs.  After the high winds of the day before the weather was a little cold in the morning but we ended up sitting in the sun.   Thank you to Jan West who was recovering from her hip operation at home, and did the planning and made sure we had all the paperwork sorted, and thanks also to Ann Parker who was there to run that side of things on the day. 

Bronze Passes:

Examiner – Marcia Manning Smith.

Edna Faulkner with Lily, Cockerpoo.

Jack Illston with Teddy, Cavalier x.

Marion Kerby with Django. X

Examiner – Paula Smith.

Kelly Dallimore with Olive, Black Labrador.

Mark Long with Teddy, Coton de Tulear.

Wendy Blake with Dillon, Standard Poodle.

Rebecca Starfall with Rowan, Cocker Spaniel.

Silver Passes:

Examiner – Marcia Manning Smith.

David Hitchcock with Paddy, Standard Poodle.

Anita Rich with Truffle, Miniature Poodle.

Kelly with Olive, Black Labrador.

Sophia Steeds with Mango, Toller.

Jack Illston with Teddy, Coton de Tulear.

Wendy Blake with Dillon, Standard Poodle.

Visitor to the club – Rachel Lancaster with Tonka, Flat Coat Retriever x.

Gold Pass.

Examiner – Marcia Manning Smith.

Visitor to the club – Heather Williams with Tanner, Labrador Retriever.


Bronze Awards


Silver Awards

Recent Tests - 22 April 2018

Held on Sunday 22nd April at Far End, Twyning. Excellent Weather, one doubtful sprinkle of misty rain but the sun won through. Two very helpful and encouraging examiners, Marcia Mannings-Smith and Paula Smith. And a nice crowd of members all having a go. Congratulations. Just four needed a bit more help on a couple of things, mainly because they just felt the open spaces were too inviting and couldn’t resist a few circuits before they came back to play our games.

Bronze Passes:

Caitlin Wilson and Shaddow. Cockerpoo.

Samantha Blackaby and Nala. Working Cocker.

Angela Cross and Biggles. Sprocker.

Philippa Bull and Newton. Vizsla.

Barbara Colledge and Craig. Border Collie.

Roland Courquin and Phoebe. Cocker Spaniel.

Angela Hillier and Poppy. Cockerpoo.

Sheila Godwin and Cookie. Labrador/Poodle.

Lisa Paul and Lola. Cockerpoo.


The Bronze Awards

Silver Passes:

Sheila Godwin and Cookie. Labrador /Poodle.

Barbara Colledge and Craig. Border Collie.

Angela Hillier and Poppy. Cockerpoo.

Sylvia Edmunds and Amber. Beardie X


More Bronze passes


The Silver Awards

Gold Passes

Terence Harper and Matt. Miniature Schnauzer.


The Gold Award

Recent Tests - 8th October 2017

A good afternoon was had by the select band of Good Citizens that came along to Twyning to try for their certificates. Paula Smith and Marcia Manning- Smith were the examiners and we enjoyed the way they were helpful and clear and thorough in their testing. They put everyone at their ease and made sure that they had a chance to do their best.


The Bronze Awards

Bronze Passes:

Sylvia Edmunds with Amber, Collie Cross.

Roz Etheridge with JD, Working Sheepdog.

Lois Eyre with Lulu, Labrador.

Terence Harper with Mat, Miniature Schnauzer.


The Silver Awards

Silver Passes:

Roz Etheridge with JD, Working Sheepdog.

Lois Eyre with Lulu, Labrador.

Terence Harper with Mat, Miniature Schnauzer.

Jackie Hughes and Barney, Kelpie/Collie.

Lynn Sibley with Peggy, Black Labrador.

Recent Tests - 26 March 2017

The tests were held at Twyning. Claire Stewart was our examiner and a lovely sunny afternoon was spent seeing what the dogs could do. Claire was thorough and fair. Two visiting handlers achieved their Gold Certificates, and out of the ten entrants for Bronze five were successful. The five that needed a bit more practice tried very hard and were successful on several of the exercises just not quite ready to be steady enough for stays and with one the idea of a recall was six circuits of the field first before coming to rest with his handler, but an enjoyable sight to see a lurcher doing what a lurcher should do!!! Thank you to Claire for her clear and careful testing and to Jan West our coordinator for the administration.

Bronze Passes:

Jackie Hughes and Barney, Kelpie x Collie

Peak Yuk Lee and Paddington, Cavachon

Joan Brennan and Jarvis, Working Cocker Spaniel (visitor)

Susan Crownshaw and Ned, Labrador X (visitor)

Mary Valentine and Eska, Golden Retriever (visitor)


Resting for zoomies


The Gold Awards


The Bronze Awards


Preparing for Bronze

Gold Passes:

Sue Nickless and Riley, Golden Retriever

Bob Maycroft and Gem, Labrador


Testing taking place


The Kennel Club Good Citizens ring at Crufts demonstrates the different levels of the scheme. Each year volunteers are required to be in the demonstration. In the past Kate Claxton and Dotty, Vicky Norton and Lola and Claire Stewart and Saphire have been part of the displays.

The GCDS Special PreBeginners is a competition designed to encourage those dogs who have achieved their Bronze Award into competitive obedience and offers the chance for finalists to compete at Crufts.


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