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The Programme of Classes

Prospective new members should attend a club night at least one week before wishing to start training. This is so you can register to become a club member, receive a welcome chat and ask any questions you may have. We can then assess which class you will start in. There is no need for you to bring your dog for this first visit. New members may start training on the first Wednesday of each month.

Some instructors are available to give advice outside of the scheduled class times to help with individual problems, or where members want extra help.

Puppy Starters

Classes are currently taught by Jan West.

6.30-7.15pm – Socialisation for Puppies

Tuition in handling and management - playful and titbit techniques are used to show how to teach puppies the things they need to know. Sit, stand, down, come, walking nicely on the lead and how to behave around other dogs, food and people are covered as we work later on towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. We start here with the K.C. Puppy Assessment.

7.15-8.00pm – Senior Puppies

After four weeks puppies become "Senior Puppies" and spend more time learning basic exercises such as the heel position and where to sit when they come to you, as well as confidence around strangers and as much as we can fit towards the basic good behaviour lessons that all dogs need. Before moving into classes 1 or 2, depending on their ability, puppies should be well socialised and confident. Puppies can remain in this class for as long as needed.

Adult Classes

8.30pm - Special Socialisation Class

Currently taught by Toni Manders

This class is for people with older dogs that are not ready to join in a training class due to their having had a less than perfect start. They may be lacking confidence or they may find it difficult to relate socially to people, other dogs or particular situations.

6.30-7.15pm – Adult Starter Class

Class 1 is currently taught by Jackie Hughes.

This class is aimed at basic good behaviour training for older dogs. Lessons will focus on getting attention, good on-lead behaviour as well as recalls and stays. Dogs in this class will begin to work towards the Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme Bronze certificate, which members have two opportunities to achieve throughout the year.

Before promotion to Class 2, a dog should behave sociably, any unnacceptable behaviour should be controllable, and it must be obvious that dog and owner are getting on well together. Dogs must also be familiar with the heel positon, the present positon, stays and generally comfortable with class activities.

7.15-8.15pm – Intermediate Class

Class 2 is currently taught by Janet Martineau.

More good behaviour training for use in everyday situations. Further practice teaching basic commands and adding new exercises, including retrieves, sendaways to mats, seeking items and other work towards achieving the Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme Silver certificate.

Before advancing to Class 3, dogs must be consistent when staying, walk well on a loose lead, be familiar with the heel position, recall to sit in front of their owner, go down on a single command and be beginning to learn the basics of the retrieve.

8.15-9.00pm – Pre-competition Class

Class 3 is currently taught by Julie Harding.

This class is an introduction to competitive obedience for those wishing to go beyond basic good behaviour training. This class contains work on the style and attitude required for competition. The handler is taught how to work on all the exercises required for Novice and "A" with an introduction to Distant Control and Sendaways to add interest and motivation. The class also works toward the Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme Gold certificate.

Style and attention in the heelwork, recall and an interest in competing are required for advancement to Class 4.

9.00-10.00pm – Competition Class

Class 4 is currently taught by Emma Galbraith.

This class is for those dogs entered or capable of being entered in competitive obedience at all levels. Emphasis is placed on enjoyment and motivation with a variety of games and fun activities. Once a month, we also have the advice and teaching of Jane Bint to add to the competitive element of training in this class


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